Dot writes: I was just looking back at a post from last August in which I proudly listed all the words I’d heard Hugh say. I don’t think it would be possible to do this now, but I do have some favourites. His longest accurate word is probably ‘helicopter’ (which he says pretty clearly) but I am very fond of his version of ‘octopus’: ‘apple-a-puss’. There was a giant inflatable apple-a-puss in the swimming pool on Sunday, which we all found most exciting.

He has plenty of phrases and even sentences too. Some typical efforts: ‘Look a giraffe’; ‘sssh, Daddy sleep’; ‘Baby cry’; ‘more book’; ‘throw the ball’; ‘a MY coat’ (when demanding something he often starts with ‘a’, and I’m not sure if this is the indefinite article or a kind of ‘oh’); ‘ ‘I like x’ is a popular format, as in ‘I like chocat’ [sic]; if we sneakily try a substitute for the chocat he knows what to say: ‘I no want it.’ He is getting pretty good at colours and also learning people’s names. Frank is now Frank, not just Baby, but if you ask Hugh his own name he is likely to reply ‘Boy’.


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