Simple pleasures

Dot writes: my to-do list for today (Hugh being at the childminder’s) went something like this:

– make puree for Frank
– go to breastfeeding group
– tackle vast pile of ironing (yes, this is Dot writing and not an ill-briefed imposter, why do you ask?)*
– do grocery shopping
– deposit money we were paid for the car
– solve problem of US healthcare provision and stop global warming.

So far I’ve done the second one, though I did cheatily buy some puree in jars and Frank had his first taste of chicken at lunch. But I walked to Loughlinstown Health Centre – about an hour there over Killiney Hill and rather more back via the Vico Road – and it was glorious. It’s a beautiful blue-skied day, and the combination of sun, scenery and exercise has left me happy in every pore.

This was taken a while ago, but it hasn't got any less beautiful.

* There’s no real doubt that it’s Dot as I did not in fact do the ironing.


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