Where Grandma?

Dot writes: my mum has just been to visit us for a few days, Wednesday to Sunday. This is the first time Hugh has learnt to call her ‘Grandma’. Visits to and from family often make me aware of these little milestones. When Grandma left Hugh wasn’t upset, exactly, but he definitely wanted to know where she’d gone. Because we only have two bedrooms she elected to sleep in the living-room, and Hugh liked finding her there when he came downstairs. He was asking for her this morning.

When we spend time with my mum she always takes lots of pictures, which I gratefully upload to our collection, but of course she isn’t in them herself. However, I did manage to capture the elusive Grandma on film in a few rare shots. The following family group was taken at Glendalough. It dawned relatively sunny in Dublin on Saturday, so we drove forty-five minutes to somewhere much cloudier and colder and had a picnic. Here we are going for a brisk walk to thaw our feet.

Grandma and Hugh enjoy the blow-up mattress:

Grandma plays ride-a-cock-horse with Frank as an alien ball of light starts to envelop her foot:

And some of Grandma’s own pictures (the first shows Ken part-way through his first full-mash brew):


2 thoughts on “Where Grandma?

  1. katimum

    It strikes me that Hugh has an essentially serious face and Frankie a rather humerous one. Is this the normal elder/younger characteristic or just imagination?

    It rather escapes me why anyone should want photos of me …..

    1. Dot

      I want pictures of you because you’re my mum, of course.

      I think you’re right about the faces, though I don’t know if it’s anything to do with birth order.

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