Blog misses own birthday

Dot writes:
It was the third anniversary of starting this blog on the 4th, and we forgot all about it. Didn’t even remember to buy ourselves flowers from the bucket outside the garage. What were we doing instead? I was at the zoo with Hugh, Frank and my mum, and Ken I think went to a philosophy reading group. Which I suppose is as good a snapshot as any of the interests we write about.

What with joining Irish Mum Bloggers and so forth, I’ve been asked several times recently to say what this blog is about and why we started it, and I’ve struggled slightly. We started it because we enjoyed reading blogs and we wanted to write one. It’s fun being able to rabbit on about something uninterrupted, and even more fun when people turn out to be interested after all and leave comments. But is this a parenting blog? Or a philosophy blog? Or a general purpose personal blog? It’s all of the following:
– an intermittent diary
– a soapbox
– a victim to listen to my feeble jokes
– a place to think things through
– a way of keeping friends and family up to date
– an absorbing hobby and creative outlet

Hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing.


4 thoughts on “Blog misses own birthday

  1. Mairi

    And a very fine way it is of keeping in touch with friends and family – I always look forward to the latest blog. Thanks for all the time you put into it.

  2. I struggle to decide what my blog is about…I’d like to make it more personal since watching the film julia/julie but just don;t have the time. I love your blog as it is – I dip in and out as I please…well… OK…I don;t understand most of what Ken says but I love the feeble jokes

    Happy Birthday, Sarah

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