One of those not-been-posting posts

Dot writes: I have several posts brewing in my head, but it has been one of those weeks when the children are never asleep at the same time and I haven’t had the chance. Frank is going through a stage of wanting to sleep in our bed and waking up when I get out. I got up early with Hugh today (and had a rather intense discussion with him about why he couldn’t watch his Thomas the Tank Engine DVD, which has been sealed up with tape by his father and labelled ‘Do Not Play. Jams in Mac’), and before long I could hear the morning song of ‘arriaooow, rrraaaooow’ from upstairs. It really does sound awfully like a cat, and perhaps explains why the tabby from next door is so determined to visit us. Now Ken and Hugh are in the bath with Frank watching them from the bouncy chair and I am snatching a few minutes alone with the internet. Ooh, Hugh has escaped. Must go.


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