The unfortunate foot

Because one should never waste the chance to show off a good bruise:


6 thoughts on “The unfortunate foot

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    We’ll grant you the broken skin, but I’m sorry to say that you haven’t developed a really first class colouring – at least yet. You should have seen the great knee graze and bruise of December 2008.

  2. katimum

    I came across a notice in a cafe yesterday (the Angel Cafe) which read ‘People use these high chairs at their own risk’. I thought of you (and of Hugh and his climbing antics).

  3. kenanddot

    I notice that on my work computer the bruise looks disappointingly pale. It was a good vigorous purple and also swollen. Now (Thursday) the central part has gone that late-bruise greenish colour, but there’s lots of dark discolouration on my toes. In fact it looks more gruesome than it did on Sunday. Maybe I should take another picture.

    I tell myself that my ability to be fascinated by the progress of bruises shows that I am well-suited to be the mother of boys (and not just that my inner six-year-old is awfully near the surface) 🙂

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