Happy 101

Dot writes: I really do need to post something to replace that slightly revolting picture of my foot at the top of the blog. Currently I am preoccupied with the proofs of my edited volume, which has been in preparation so long I am embarrassed to mention it. Every stage has taken longer and been more complicated than expected, from the initial editing stage when a key paper wasn’t submitted (it wasn’t withdrawn, it just never appeared), to now, when instead of just some final corrections I  find I have to make further editorial decisions about the bibliography. Inexperience accounts for much of this, but also bad luck (the way the volume disappeared off the radar for about a year between copy-editing and proofs, for example, or the fact that one of the external reviewers withdrew so that stage took almost a year too). Every time I’ve thought I was about to have a summer working on something else this book has popped back up like a horrible revenant. Grump. At least this is, finally, the final stage (almost: these are first proofs and after first proofs we’ll get final proofs. And I have to do an index.)

But enough of that. Recently on Babyrambles I saw a meme called the Happy 101 award. You have to list ten things that make you happy, and I thought that would be a good idea.

1. Frank’s lovely smile and the way he shamelessly flirts with everyone.
2. Hugh’s non-standard sentences, showing that he is making them up himself and not just quoting. E.g. “Get some my milk?”
3. My friends.
4. Dressing Frank in new clothes. He looks good in anything. Even when he has personalised it with accessories of spit-up and drool.
5. Ken’s home-made bagels.
6. I’ve just joined a writing group at work and we meet for the first time tomorrow.
7. Reading up on Arthurian literature for a course next year.
8. Buying books. Mmmm, lovely shiny yummy books.
9. The view of the sea from the DART.
10. Blogging!

That was easy. In fact I can think of lots more. So I must be quite happy after all!


2 thoughts on “Happy 101

  1. That’s a nice list, and I like number 2 that shows he’s really thinking about what he’s saying! Bless him. Thanks for the mention and good luck with getting your book finally sorted. I always love the idea of working on a book but I can see it’s not as glamorous as it sounds!

    1. Dot

      I think single-authored books are less painful than edited collections, but even collections don’t have to be as awful as this one.

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