Away games

Guess what’s special about this picture (apart from Hugh’s athletic prowess) (oh, and the fact it’s sunny, in Ireland, in April):
Belgian Waffle may recognise it, as it is a playground she recommended to us. The special part is that it is not in Dublin but in Cork. We have just had our first trip there. The main reason we went was so I could attend a conference at University College Cork over the weekend (and I was very impressed with UCC campus, which was immensely pretty in the sunshine, with the river running by it and banks of daffodils blooming); the second main reason was so that we could stay at Garnish House and eat their famously fabulous breakfasts. We now have a close acquaintance with playgrounds in Abbeyleix, Cork, Cobh, Fota Wildlife Park (Ken took the boys there without me) and New Ross (we drove back via Waterford). Hugh even managed to sleep in the single bed on the third night in Cork, falling out only twice. So a good time was had by all, apart from the bits when there were tantrums/toddlers kicking us in the night/mashed banana vomited on the posh sofa.

Did I mention the breakfasts? Mmmm. And we had an en-suite jacuzzi too.


4 thoughts on “Away games

  1. Ooh! We’ve been to FOTA – and to the playground in Cobh. Did Ken find the accent fascinating? – it’s almost North Walian. Cobh, as a whole, reminds me of Llaregub, though, so perhaps that’s what gave me the Welsh-accent thought.

    It looks like a lovely time all in all xx

  2. kenanddot

    Yes, the accent is amazing. We tended to lurk innocently slightly too close to people using mobile phones so we could eavesdrop. And since we rarely understood what they were saying it was indeed quite harmless.

  3. Chris

    I love Cork almost as much as I love Dublin (which is a lot). The first time I went there I hadn’t been warned about the accent. Got in a cab. Understood nothing for the first half hour. A mutual feeling, I suspect. (The syntax funny too.) I didn’t kiss the Blarney stone, though, which might have done the trick. Did visit Blarney Castle, and environs, but out of season, see? – so just a surly Cork man offering to dangle my English frame by the ankles within kissing distance, more or less, of the stone itself. Gave it a miss, so I did. Eloquent enough, you see.
    Also, Cafe Paradiso – just by the university there – is the finest restaurant I have ever eaten in. I also believe that their chef/proprietor is the only person of whom it is true that I own a copy of everything that they have ever published. In fact, it occurs to me, this isn’t even true of myself. Well worth a trip, just by itself. And we proudly shop over here with our Bardas Chorcaí bags. Hope all is well. — C

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