Since you didn’t ask

Dot writes: we had another beastly night. I know this doesn’t make for interesting blogging, but I need to share the pain. Frank wasn’t too bad and even stayed in his cot until well after lights out, but Hugh started crying at about 2.45 and then came into our bed to kick us for the rest of the night. We seem to have lost the knack of getting him to go back to sleep in his own room. At least he did fall asleep in ours after a bit. At times like this I wish we had a bit more space, so we wouldn’t have to contort ourselves so to kick each other.

We seem to be no good at the sensible solutions to our sleep situation, so here are some creative alternatives:

1. We put up the tent and Ken and I sleep in the garden.

2. We put up the money and Ken and I sleep in England.

3. We hire a very small Latvian nanny to share Hugh’s cot. She will be equipped with a double-plus strength teddy bear, a mini-fridge containing milk and sleeping pills, and a special patented toddler-silencing device. I will tell you when I have invented a toddler-silencing device.

4. We…oh I don’t know. I’m too tired to be creative. Maybe Hugh can think of something; he seems to have lots of energy.


8 thoughts on “Since you didn’t ask

  1. You poor things! Hope you’re not awake now.
    P.S. I believe my parental units would recommend whisky. I’m sure this is strongly disapproved by the Powers That Be. Just mentioning it, mind.
    One of my most splendid colleagues says he met you in Cork, so hereby now waving back virtually to you…

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    1. Perhaps the boys would like to sleep in the tent.
    2. Consider a nanny cat. They purr, are soft and warm, and like sleeping beside humans in confined spaces. You may borrow Phoebe-Cat if you like.
    3. Take a leaf (literally) from the Flopsy-Bunnies – lettuce is sooo soporific.

    1. Dot

      I can remember being slowly but effectively pushed out of bed by my parents’ (very small) cat, to the point where I gave up and got in with my sister:-)

  3. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Phoebe is a highly trained professional – trained by that all-time great, Pappagena (the cat who could tell temperatures). She occupies only available space.

  4. A larger bed might be a relatively cheap way of gaining more sleep. As might be a single bed in Hugh’s room so one of you can join him in there to get him back to sleep.

    1. Dot

      We don’t have room for a bigger bed in our bedroom (it’s a small house and rather heavily furnished) but we have contemplated setting up some sort of sleeping arrangement for one of us in Hugh’s room. Happily he has slept through the last two nights.

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