Hello Summer!

Dot writes: I am not one of those people who doesn’t like heat, or who frowns at the sun and retreats to a dark room until it goes away, or who complains about how dry the garden is getting (this is Ireland; fat chance). I love summer. When it arrived last week I was delighted. And since it may be all over by next week I am set to make the most of it.

Some things I love about summer:
* strawberries.
* bright-coloured clothes.
* not wearing tights. (Though see ‘summer shoes’ below.)
* being able to go out into the garden in my dressing-gown at 7am and feeling the gentle morning air and the tickle of dew against my half-clad feet.
* the call of wood pigeons.
* the opulent canopies of the trees. The richness of summer vegetation, and the delicious cool of deep shade after strong sun.
* not carrying a coat around. Going in and out without spending ten minutes dressing and undressing myself (or, more tellingly, the children.)
* the light, and the energy it brings.
* sitting outside on the lawn; the spaciousness of the summer world.
* picnics.
* Hugh playing outside with the boys next door.
* going barefoot.
* hearing the voices of other families in the evenings, as we all have our doors and windows open; the sense of all the people around us happily living their lives.
* ice-cream.
* the beach.

We went to the beach yesterday – Killiney Beach, which was packed with families determinedly chipping plastic spades against the very gravelly sand. Ken and I both swam in the sea, which I would describe as ‘bracing’ and he would describe as ‘f***ing freezing’ (in fact I enjoyed my swim, though I had to inch my way into the water very gradually; I also saw a delicate pink jellyfish about the size of big onion in the shallows). And we all had icecream, apart from Frank who rather heart-wrenchingly chose to suck on a stone.

On the other hand, here are some things I don’t like about summer:
* wasps.
* summer shoes. The choice between, on the one hand, over-hot regular shoes that require tights or socks and don’t go with light-coloured clothes and, on the other hand, strappy stringy sandals that rub in all directions. I do have one pair of very comfy flip-flops, but I bought them on honeymoon in 2005 and they are not long for this world.
* the annual fight with Hugh’s blackout curtains.
* sunburn. I am determined this year not to make my usual mistake of slathering Hugh with sunblock and forgetting to put any on myself.
* sunblock. Horrible sticky gloopy stuff – though I do like the coconutty smell of sunblock lingering on warm child.
And really that’s about it for the negatives. Hooray for summer 2010 – may it be long and indolent.


10 thoughts on “Hello Summer!

      1. Me too 😉
        I’ve never dealt well with the heat and even in Ireland had a rough time of it; inland in east anglia isn’t great for me.

        I have at least sorted out contact lenses again which means I can get sunglasses and not be squinting (can’t be having with the hassle of prescription sunglasses).

  1. Belle Inconnue

    hooray for summer! I recommend spray-on sunscreen. less messy and gross than the normal stuff. also Clarkes sandals – I have some v. comfy ones. borderline orthopedic-looking, but they have got more stylish than they used to be, and I wore them for 2 weeks holiday traipsing around Italy with barely a blister in sight. I did alternate between 2 different pairs though, which I think is key – that way different bits get damaged on different days, which makes it much better!

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    I agree AE- but then she inherited her summer intolerance from me – although it must be said that she is not quite as bad as I am about turnng on the lights.

  3. Lily Roth

    I’m afraid that I am one of the summer-haters. But in my defense, I am excessively pale and the sun does not like me (I don’t just burn, I get a disfiguring rash…last time, people actually stared at me in horror in the street).
    Sunblock, though, is icky. I prefer to wear a big straw hat, sunglasses and to cover up as much skin as possible. Owen now has a hat and sunglasses too…he looks really adorable in his “baby banz”. Heehee. I have special sun-block swimwear from Coolibar (originally formulated to protect against the harsh sun on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia). Good-stuff. It covers everything but hands and feet and face.

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