Imaginative play

Dot writes: Hugh has a game he loves. It’s a very simple game. He goes into the kitchen, points to the corner with an instruction to any available parent to “sit there”, climbs up onto his high chair and then jumps off, towards the parent. Then he does it again, and again. It’s a simple structure into which he can fit many different ideas. Here are some from this morning.

1. “Plane! Plane fly ithe sky! NEEEEEAAAAH!” He jumps.

2. “Helicopter! Helicopter pilot!”
He’s waving his arms around his head. Possibly it’s to indicate rotor blades. Second time round it looks more like fixing an invisible helmet.
“Are you putting on your helmet?”
“Yes! Helmet! Watch!”
He jumps.

3. He throws teddy off before he jumps.
“Poor teddy!” says Dot.
“Poor teddy!” echoes Hugh. “He’s sad. He back hurts.” We cuddle teddy and comfort him. Then Hugh climbs up and again throws teddy off before he jumps.

4. “Poor teddy!” says Dot.
“Teddy need breast,” says Hugh. “Teddy titty.” He pretends to breastfeed teddy.
“Is teddy your baby?”
“Yes. Teddy baby.”
Then he chucks him off the chair again.

5. Hugh is preparing to jump. “Is a big dragon! Big wings! Big tail!” He jumps with a RAAAAAAR.
“What colour is the dragon?”
“That’s a good colour for a dragon – the Welsh dragon is red. Are you the dragon?”
“Where’s the dragon, then?”
“Here.” And he points to his tummy.


5 thoughts on “Imaginative play

  1. Dot

    Reading this over I don’t think I have done justice to the complexity of Hugh’s language. One-word utterances are the exception rather than the norm now. He is more likely to have said something like “Is my helmet!” than just “Helmet!”, for instance. But I can’t remember the conversation verbatim; and he is still pretty hard to understand a lot of the time.

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