Footprint statement

Dot writes: Hugh was helping Ken with some baking the other morning:
Hooray for having a blue carpet. I’ve been doing an online eModerating course, to learn how to use WebCT and similar tools as modes of teaching my students. The course rather fizzled out because the other members of the class melted away towards the end (doubtless to write conference papers) and we never completed the final section, but had we done so we would have collaborated to write a “footprint statement”. Apparently this would have been a formulation of the key thing that we learned and wanted to pass on to others approaching the same course, the “footprint in the sand” we would leave behind (as our instructor poetically glossed it). Being me I couldn’t help thinking that footprints in the sand tend to get washed away by the tide, or scuffed up by dogs or incorporated in a giant “Kevin woz ere”. Similarly footprints on the carpet get hoovered. But I did take a picture, to commemorate a day when our little boy was enthusiastic and barefooted and covered in flour.


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