And first I’d like to thank my mum, my cat, my PhD supervisors…

Dot writes: the lovely lady at If By Yes has very kindly given us a Versatility Award, which is rather flattering given how one-sort Ken and Dot’s Allsorts has tended to be ever since the arrival of the Infant Tyrants, but we are graciously pleased to accept. The rules are:

1) thank the person who gave you the award (thanks, If By Yes!)
2) tell seven things about yourself and
3) pass the award on to other bloggers whom you love, and, I suppose, find to be versatile.

We were tagged back in 2008 for a rather similar meme that involved posting six random facts about ourselves, so go to that post for fascinating information about the time Ken was kissed by a politician and the TV programme about Emily Bronte in which Dot starred as Emily (without any lines, but she wasn’t a sociable sort). But given there are two of us, or four if you count the boys, we should surely be able to find seven more things to say. After all, we are versatile.

1. We are so versatile we can both touch our noses with our tongues. Hugh doesn’t take after us in this respect so far, but he makes great raspberry noises.

2. Ken is so versatile he studied Japanese at school and Chinese as one of his courses at university – or maybe the other way round, Dot can’t remember.

3. When Dot was a graduate student she was heavily involved in a medieval drama group (which occasionally branched out into later periods including original-pronunciation Shakespeare). She started out as an all-purpose wench but about halfway through her PhD began to be cast as a man. Among other roles she has played Mary Magdalen, the Sheriff of Nottingham’s wife, a torturer, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing, and Lucifer.

4. Ken made a truly excellent stout recently. Sadly it is all gone.

5. Hugh likes to say things are too small. As in “I don’t want play Jake. He’s too small.”

6. Frank the versatile baby likes to say “Da! Da! Da!”; also “ga, ga, ga”, “ba, ba, ba” and gurgly noises. As far as I can remember Frank has never spent a single hour without at least one of his parents. Possibly he had some time alone with my mum, back in September, but I think not.

7. We’re thinking about getting some chickens.

Now we have to pass the award along. I suspect some of my favourites will have posted seven things about themselves before, so this award comes with no obligation to do anything other than bask in our admiration, but let me nominate the following: Mummy Do That; Never Goes Without Saying; Pants With Names (the new incarnation of Brits in Bosnia); Babyrambles; Meta-Meta-Medieval. I could go on, but I would need all night to do justice to all you wonderful bloggers *mwah, mwah*.


6 thoughts on “And first I’d like to thank my mum, my cat, my PhD supervisors…

  1. Ooh, yes, get chickens! I would love to have chickens.

    I got type-cast in college drama as the little old lady, the only exception being Lady Percy in Henry IV Part I.

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  3. Lily Roth

    Re: Your drama career. Although I think you are an excellent actress, I was quite surprised when you were cast as a man (mostly due to your feminine appearance), but I strongly suspect that it was a severe shortage of men in drama rather than any inherent manliness on your part. 😉
    At least your Lucifer was female. And very beautiful too!
    I get stage fright, though I love drama…I loved being Envy in that medieval morality play you directed my MA year (Medwall’s Nature). It was just the right size part for me (a nice juicy scene but not too many lines or stage time) and it’s always more fun playing villains isn’t it?
    I miss messing about with these things.

    Perhaps Hugh or Frank will carry on the performance tradition? Hugh sounds quite imaginative already!

    1. kenanddot

      Aw, thanks! I would love to go back to drama, but it’s not really an option at the moment. Maybe it’s a good thing there are so few roles for women over 25.

      You were great as Envy – a slightly hard comment to pay though because I wouldn’t want to imply it was an obvious part for you!

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