Dot writes: yesterday for the first time Hugh managed a whole day with no accidents, even doing the tricky no. 2 in his potty. He has also been successfully without a nappy for the last four nights. I don’t imagine we have seen the last of little unintended puddles or of lumps in the pants (Hugh seems to be shy about mentioning imminent poos), but it’s quite an achievement. Our first day of training in earnest was Tuesday of the week before last, so he has taken just over a fortnight to get to this stage. Now we have to cure him of demanding smarties after every success:-) (You’ll be relieved to know that he only occasionally gets them.)

4 thoughts on “Landmark

  1. Belle Inconnue

    he is going to be so horribly embarassed when he’s a teenager and you have kept a written record of this sort of thing!

    1. Dot


      But on the other hand he’ll know how important he always was to us. And at least I haven’t blogged about Sunday afternoon, when I was pleased that he got over his constipation but much less pleased that it happened when he was on top of a climbing frame in Killiney Hill Park…and then he had to sit down and use the slide to get to me so I could change him…

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Ah, but it’s out in the ether now!
    Congratulations, Hugh!
    You can now go to cotillions and hunt balls – not to mention academic bun fights- without the least concern …

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