Market research

Dot writes: why are we getting no comments at the moment? (Apart from Laura’s; thanks, Laura.) I thought those last two posts were quite interesting, and in the case of the guns and swords one possibly even controversial. Would more people read this blog if there were more graphic potty-training updates? Or should we get Ken to draw a series of offensive and scurrilous cartoons lampooning the linguistic ideas of Noam Chomsky? Tell us: if you haven’t been reading this blog and haven’t been commenting, leave us a comment to say why not.

Since the addressees of that question comprise most of the users of the internet, I confidently expect the comments to start rolling in:-)


10 thoughts on “Market research

  1. Uncle Ben

    I wasn’t commenting because the powers that be have cruelly dictated that I can’t get to word press sites at work.

    However I often read your posts at lunch from the safety of my RSS reader, and then forget to comment.

    This morning I have done 2 🙂

  2. My excuse is I’m very behind on blog reading and commenting! I think everyone’s been a bit consumed with all things CyberMummy for a while now and that’s probably very tedious for people who didn’t go! Oh and comments and stats are down for everyone at the moment because we’ve had a spell of warm weather. Does that help your market research? I will comment on your last post now as I have similar experiences.

  3. As you know, I’ve been wondering the same. I’d be quite partial to Chomsky cartoons. But seriously (though I am serious about Chomsky cartoons too, would love that!) – I had the comment for your last post almost completed but then got called to something else and that was that. My personal line of priority is to read blogs, to write my blog and then, if I have time AND something to add, comment.

    Of course I already compromise on my first priority, with life often taking over.

  4. Dot

    Thankyou all! That post really was a transparent ploy to get you to tell us you still like us – thanks for being kind to my insecurity. And it’s a case of pots and kettles, because I haven’t been commenting much either lately, and I wasn’t even at Cybermummy.
    @Cartside: ooo, I wonder what you were going to say? But will completely understand if you don’t have time to type the whole lot out again.
    @Emily O: I hadn’t thought of the warm weather. Our stats took a big hit around Christmas, which was the opposite of what I expected (I thought cold weather + holiday = internet) but is rather heartwarming, suggesting people were spending time paying attention to their families and all that.
    @Ben: thanks – what a good uncle you are! I would be delighted if you would like to play with Hugh, but you may end up with very sore legs (from being ruthlessly swiped at by a small boy who thinks playing fair is for big people).

  5. Meri

    Knowing Ben’s normal technique Hugh will be laughing himself silly whilst trying to thump Ben from a mid-air upside down position. Until Ben get tired of holding him by the foot that is…

    I’m afraid I haven’t commented much as I read your blog via google reader which means I have to follow a link to your site before I can leave a comment. And that’s assuming I have enough brain cells left after work to sting a sentence together….. I do get the updates daily though and I definitely still love you.

  6. H Conrad O'Briain

    I was in transit, but see my note on sword sticks and the drawbacks of proper blades and shopping bags.

  7. You know, I think it’s the zeitgeist?

    Maybe it’s the heat of summer? My blog comments have also dropped precipitously in the last couple of weeks.

    Funnily, you’ve made two posts I was interested in commenting on, but didn’t feel I had the energy to at the time. I came back to do so today!

  8. kenanddot

    @ Meri: these readers are good in that they tell you when there’s a post, but they do inhibit commenting. @ Helen: glad your journey went well – cats safely delivered etc?
    @ IfByYes: I made a point of leaving you a comment – that’s one, at least!
    @ Monty’s Dad: we might have our revenge by giving you and Monty a starring role in the blog in a couple of weeks’ time. Looking forward to seeing you.

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