Hello again

Dot writes: so, we’re back, having had a rather mixed holiday during which we learned that there are a surprisingly large number of enjoyable things to do in North Wales in torrential rain, but that sitting in a tent (even my parents’ vast and palatial tent) is not one of them. In fact the boys were both very good for the first couple of days, when it rained in the mornings but cleared up later, but over the weekend the downpour became constant, Hugh lost interest in his plastic dinosaurs, Frank discovered the joys of pulling down all his grandmother’s cooking equipment, everybody started to feel tired and damp, and tempers frayed. By Tuesday (my birthday, as it happened), we’d all had enough. My parents went back to Norfolk, and we went to see our friends David and Zoe, who’ve just had a baby.

Introducing baby Monty

This was not a holiday without highlights, even though some of them were flashes of lightning. (On the first night we camped the wind was so strong it bent two of the steel poles of our tent.) My sister and her husband joined the party from Thursday to Sunday, and Uncle Ben made himself tremendously popular with Hugh.
How to make a two-year-old very, very happy
I think Uncle Ben has now eclipsed our friend Chris in the post of Best and Most Excellent Uncle, though he (Hugh) did tend to refer to Ben as Chris. Hugh also liked David, whom he consistently addressed as Diver.
Later: I don’t seem to be managing to finish this post. Since I would like to put something up today I’ll press publish now and come back to wow you another time with tales of the Pili Palas, the Air Museum near Caernarfon and the fab swimming pool (with groovy electronic lockers) in Porthmadog. Bet you can’t wait.


9 thoughts on “Hello again

    1. kenanddot

      Alas, we were saving up the steam train ride for a nice day that never came. But we did at least have a go on it last year.

  1. Katimum

    I liked the way Hugh referred to his ‘Grandfather’ but, rather confusingly, called me ‘Grandpa’. Obviously he feels a degree of formality is called for in addressing his Aged Progeniture.

    I regret we had not already bought the extension porch in which to have the stove, which would have resulted in a less steaming atmosphere and a rather more child friendly interior!

    1. kenanddot

      Progenitor? (Sorry, it’s hereditary.)

      The extension porch might have been good, but on the other hand you might have got a bit damp and miserable working in it. Anyway, although we had ample opportunity to observe the demerits of the sloped doorway, your tent was still a surprisingly pleasant space to spend wet and windy hours: spacious, light and comfortable. My boys felt all it needed to be perfect was an even sprinkling of raisins and all the furniture tied together with wool.

  2. There’s something about that picture of your friends that makes me think it’s their first baby. Particularly the way the woman likes she’s hoping to keep her clothes clean.

    1. kenanddot

      Yes, an air of resignation sets in with number two, doesn’t it? David looks a bit nervous in the photo but he’s actually a very competent Dad and does a lot of the baby-care. The tentative pose is more for the benefit of the photographer.

      1. Monty's Dad

        What a terrible photo. Usually at least one of the three of us manages to look either happy, interested or cute. Having said that, none of our clothes ever look clean.

      2. kenanddot

        Sorry you don’t like the photo. There were others that were better of one of you, but at the expense of being worse of another, and I didn’t have many to choose from. You must come and see us so I can take some more!

        Actually, would you rather I took it down? Maybe I shouldn’t have posted a picture of Monty without asking you first.

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