Just for the record

Dot writes: Frank is ten months old. He can clap and wave, babble ‘ga ga, da da, urglurglurgle’, drink rather inefficiently from a spouted cup, and flirt the socks off anybody. He is extremely wriggly: nappy-changes are exercises in wrestling unless he can be distracted with songs, tummy-tickling or a toy (but often he can’t). He spends mealtimes urgently trying to reach his brother’s plate. He has five teeth and an irresistible smile. He likes to splash in the bath. He understands ‘no’, though the circumstances have to be very straightforward e.g. he will stop eating earth from a plant-pot if you say ‘no’ firmly enough. He hates to be trapped in a pushchair and wants to crawl in unsuitable places, in his own chosen direction. He can stand unsupported and ‘cruise’ supporting himself on the furniture; we don’t think it will be long before he walks. I’m making some notes just to capture this moment before the change.


4 thoughts on “Just for the record

  1. I have a bit of a favor to ask on behalf of a friend who recently gave birth…can you recommend any books or articles on maternal instinct or the emotional changes that take place when a woman becomes a mother? She is also interested in the sociology of parenthood and how people react when they see babies and mothers.
    just thought that if anyone would have any insight or reading material in mind, it would be you guys…:)
    Thanks so much…

    1. kenanddot

      Well…I don’t have anything serious or scholarly to suggest, just the popular non-fiction that I read when I was breastfeeding Hugh. I constantly refer back in my mind to Anne Enright’s book Making Babies, which is personal and idiosyncratic but almost by virtue of those features the most sensitive thing I’ve read on most aspects of becoming a mother. Mother Shock, by Andrea Buchanan, offers a theory of sorts about motherhood and I quite liked it: I blogged about it a while back https://kenanddot.wordpress.com/2008/03/08/mother-shock/ The other books I’ve read are maybe less pertinent. I’ll keep an eye out.

  2. Thank you so much for the titles. 🙂 I passed them on to my friend (who also says thank you), and she has ordered copies.
    I have also directed her to your blog.
    Have you read ‘The Scientist in the Crib’ by Alison Gopnik? You might find it compelling reading. She also wrote a book called ‘The Philosophical Baby’ (which I have not yet read).


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