And for once I saw it!

Dot writes: yesterday at the playground Frank took two little steps, bobbed down a bit, and then took two more. I almost burst into tears with excitement. Normally he achieves these new things when our backs are turned – for example, learning to climb the stairs: a milestone that inspires rather mixed feelings – and we find out when he appears in a position or place we thought he couldn’t get to. But we already knew he was mobile, so this is one milestone that couldn’t be counted until one of us saw it. Maybe he has actually been two-legged for ages, like the cows in that Gary Larson cartoon. Anyway, hoorah!


3 thoughts on “And for once I saw it!

    1. kenanddot

      The stair-climbing is actually more impressive at the moment. He has a fair turn of speed, but he likes to stop and look over his shoulder to make sure we’re following him.

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