Children make you say the silliest things

Dot writes: the following conversation took place yesterday. Hugh was getting some things straight.

Hugh: “Mummy got big nipples.”
Me: “Yes, I’ve got big nipples for feeding baby.”
“I got small nipples.”
“Yes, you have small nipples.”
“Daddy got big nipples.”
“No, Daddy has small nipples because he’s a man.”
“Where’s Dot?”
“I’m Dot.”
“Dot got small nipples.”
“My name is Dot and I’ve got big nipples.”
“Mummy, why you laughing?”


6 thoughts on “Children make you say the silliest things

  1. The toddler’s infatuation with nipples… I get a daily question now if there’s milk there now. Testing hands inclusive.
    I do insist the milk will only come AFTER baby is born but that fact isn’t quite sinking in yet.

    Sounds like a self help group for big nippled people 😉

    1. kenanddot

      Yes, toddlers are extremely interested in nipples. Hugh likes to lift his shirt and squint down at his own. I was comparing notes yesterday with a friend whose older son is the same age as Hugh and who has a three-month-old baby, and her son has a baby doll and pretends to breastfeed it. Hugh has been known to breastfeed his teddy.

  2. Lily Roth

    Ha! I think this is what I will have to look forward to. Owen is only 8.5 months and he is already getting more interested in my nipples. He used to just latch on right away and start slurping. Now, he sometimes plays with them and examines them and squeezes them or gums them painfully. I tell him “NO” sharply, and he giggles. Ah, the happy ignorance of not knowing what “No” means. Sigh. I hope he will stop doing that.
    When I was pregnant, the Mr. was fascinated by the changes…I guess like father, like son…

  3. Lily Roth

    P.S. Though I do get a big laugh sometimes…as when Owen was squeezing inquisitively and got an eyeful of milk for his pains! That was very amusing.

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