Dot writes: sadly, the title refers not to our holiday plans – in fact we have just booked a cottage in Skull in West Cork to share with Ken’s mum for a week of her visit in September – but to our stats. I really should try to post more regularly. However, it has been a busy week. We have an evening routine now that ends up with both boys sleeping in their own room, but it takes about two hours to get them there (much of this spent overcoming Hugh’s delaying tactics). This is followed by about an hour of slump, which I have been spending on reading Dreaming in Chinese by Deborah Fellows (which I’ve finished: slim but informative), working (once only; I can’t sleep if my mind is too busy just before bed) or even communing with Ken (“I’m tired”. “Me too”). In the daytime I’ve been working on an enormous table of Latin source passages of Aelfric’s uses of shame vocabulary. It’s very satisfying to be doing research that produces actual data and the sense of being near the end of a clearly defined task keeps me beavering away quite intensely. I have a large number of lectures to write and should really be working on them, but I do so want to get an article written up on the shame topic before term starts.

Meanwhile, the tent arrived on Wednesday and yesterday Ken put it up in the garden. Unfortunately it has a couple of faults: one of the internal clips for the inner has been sewn on in the wrong place, and part of the flap over the ‘eyebrow’ tore a little when Ken tried to get the pole through (as the reviewers warned, it’s a tight fit): but it is a large and beautiful tent and neither fault is going to be a problem.

Last night both boys slept through: Frank’s first unbroken night apart from the flukey 10-6.30 effort when he was four months old. May there be many more of them.

Right, I’m off to have breakfast.


12 thoughts on “Ski-slope

    1. kenanddot

      It’s just one of the ‘Holiday Cottages’, type B (3-bed). We asked about Briar Cottage but it wasn’t available. I’m hoping that Schull and Skull are the same place – our map only shows the latter! Our neighbour knows the area and says she’ll tell us things we can do, the priority being to find pleasant places where Hugh and Frank can tumble around and explore. Thanks so much for giving us the number to ring; I’m sure we’ll have a lovely time!

  1. Katimum

    Congratulations again to little Frankie – keep up the good sleep, my lad!

    Oddly enough our Outwell Dakota also has a missplaced internal tag – I keep meaning to move it but haven’t got round to it yet – too busy knitting Teddy Jackets when last in the tent for any time! We also found that the Outwell Minnesota’s eyebrow was quite difficult to do – but it does have an adjustable cord on one side so you can put the pole in when it is relatively slack and then tighten it up.

    Incidentally, I was intrigued by one of the adverts which went with one of your postings – about the Secret Jardine Tents …… the things on offer seemed to me to suggest cultivation of illegal substances – or am I being overly suspicious?

  2. kenanddot

    Adverts? What adverts? Are there adverts on our blog that we can’t see? Or do you mean the links I posted to the review sites?

    Ken has found a way of doing the eyebrow that involves just slipping it through some loops rather than threading the pole into the sleeve. This seems to work very well.

    On the sleep front, last night was awful:-(

  3. I’m very impressed that your brain can operate on such an intellectual level when you’re also bringing up young children. I find lack of sleep and relentless demands from little ones renders my brain a jellified mess. I hope Frank keeps up with being nice to you at night and lovely to have a holiday to look forward to!

    1. kenanddot

      My brain is pretty jellified, even though it’s actually Ken who does most of the childcare. I’ll just have to set my students lots of presentations to give so they won’t notice how incoherent I am.

  4. Katimum

    This is odd – when I log in at work (strictly, you understand, out of flexitime…) recently I have been seeing adverts after your postings and before the comments – the first one I noticed was for Outwell tents. I must have seen the Secret Jardine one yesterday at lunchtime, but when I tried to find it from home in the evening it had gone. All they consist of is a link which takes you to their webpage. It may be that my security ware at home blocks it, but I would have thought that government software would be even fiercer!

    1. kenanddot

      Hmm. I’m not sure I like this – the adverts are there without our knowledge or consent. At least it sounds as though they’re ones we might approve of. But we’ve been wondering about switching to self-hosting the blog, and this is rather a strong nudge in that direction.

  5. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Allow me to introduce seven very important pieces of information.
    There is an extremely good chocolate maker in Schull.
    There is a farmer’s market on Sunday morning in the parking lot.
    You can buy fresh fish from the processing plant down at the harbour.
    There are lots of blackberries to pick.
    There is a planetarium attached to the secondary school.
    The bookstore is good.
    The butcher just down from the chocolate shop is the one we use.

    1. kenanddot

      I’ve read about the farmer’s market and the planetarium on the internet (the latter does sound intriguing) but not about the chocolate – you’d have thought they would have been keen to advertise it! Thanks for the tips. Apparently there are a couple of playgrounds too, which is very important. I do hope we have good weather.

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