Amateur Freuds take note

Dot writes: so uninspired a blogger have I become that I’m going to post about a dream I had last night. I dreamt that Ken and I were planning our third wedding, and this time we were going to have a low-key ceremony in a register office with me in a rather dull dress. Third time because this dream was updating an earlier dream in which we got married for the second time, with me pregnant and in one of those elaborate ballgown-type dresses with masses of gold embroidery. The earlier dream was something of a panic dream with hordes of guests and nothing quite ready. Presumably last night’s dream was my subconscious deciding it just wasn’t worth the hassle. I don’t know why it bothers, though, because my perfect wedding was the first one – the one that really happened.


2 thoughts on “Amateur Freuds take note

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    It could be worse. You might dream you have to take your last calculus exam (1970) again or all your degrees would be declared invalid …

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