You were doubtless wondering…

…what the boys are up to (writes Dot), since blogging has been so infrequent recently and often focused (shockingly) on non-domestic issues. I would like to know too; I am spending a Saturday afternoon at work, as my teaching preparation has decisively spilled out of weekday hours. But I can report on one development: Frank is discovering his willy. He is at the stage of first contact, as it were, having ignored it completely up until now. Standing naked in the bath, he leans forward to peer at it over his round baby belly, and with one outstretched digit gives it a tentative prod. It’s very funny to watch.

Meanwhile Hugh keeps saying curious things that I want to record, but then I forget them. There was a gem last night that I was convinced would be permanently inked on my memory, but I went and had three glasses of wine and accidentally washed it off. (There was no night-feeding last night, you’ll be relieved to learn.) However, Ken did just ring up and put Hugh on the phone to me, and he produced roughly this speech: “Mum I did a wee and I need feel better and I need chocolate.” Which is a sample of his preoccupations at least. Current favourite games (when not whining for chocolate): pretending to be in a boat; pretending his toy golf clubs (hand-me-downs from a friend) are a bow and arrows; stair-ball, a raucous game invented by his father. Oh, and I’ve just remembered another speech, which allows me to continue the indiscreet strain of the my first paragraph: this morning I came into the living-room to find he had squeezed behind a chair with his potty and was sitting on it. “Go away, Mummy,” he said, “I need piracy.”


3 thoughts on “You were doubtless wondering…

    1. kenanddot

      Disappointingly, this morning much the same happened again, but this time he said “piv-see”. This is a word Ken and I pronounce differently (I’m the one who has the short i).

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