Too much information, but delicately expressed

Dot writes: you know those tender bosoms I mentioned in the previous post? And the hormonal exaggerations implicit in it? And the rather private Down There indications that I didn’t mention but that contributed to my fit of panic about income, size of car, and the likelihood of my ever publishing anything ever again? Well, turns out there was an embarrassingly normal explanation for all of it. But what with having two babies in quick succession and having been pregnant or breastfeeding continuously (apart from maybe two days last year) since March 2007, I had sort of forgotten about it.


4 thoughts on “Too much information, but delicately expressed

  1. laura

    I have no doubts you’ll be published again. Still, as an insurance policy, you should hang on to the text of this post. I’m no copywriter, but I think this would be a perfect sample of delicately expressed marketing to be printed on the side of packaged feminine products.

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