Autumn clean

Dot writes: I’ve done a little tidying in the blogroll. It’s surprising how often blogs dry up, are deleted, move, or go invitation only (Salty I’m looking at you – and you didn’t even invite us, sniff). But I’ve made good the losses by adding some new ones. Pants With Names is the new incarnation of Brits in Bosnia and Irish Nomad in Malaysia was previously in Norway. Meta-meta-medieval is a friend and should have been on our blogroll ages ago. How to Write Badly Well is funny and amazingly prolific – who would have thought there could be quite this many amusing ways to write badly? I also wondered about adding Trauma Queen, but lots of people link to Trauma Queen. Still, you could head over there now. There’s nothing to see here.


5 thoughts on “Autumn clean

  1. Thanks for How to Write Badly Well–what a treasure! I’ll take the liberty of adding it to my list of “what not to do” for students…
    Hope all well and sleep setting in. Am envious of your clocks going back before ours.
    J xxxx (one each for the four of y’all)

  2. Oh! Please don’t take the velvet rope personally, I just needed to privatize for a while. And give myself a legitimate excuse not to write anything.
    I am open for business now.
    Guess I need to write something. 😉
    (Dr. O informed me that you’d made this mention, BTW.)


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