Dot writes: it’s already five to ten and I don’t have time to do the topic justice, but let it be recorded that today Hugh had his first day (morning) at Montessori School. When we looked round I was rather repelled by the vocabulary of ‘school’ and the talk of these tiny children doing ‘work’ and having their ‘break’, but I think this is just my perspective as an adult who wants her little boy to be a little boy: the boy in question is rather thrilled by the idea of going to school, like the big children. There was a slight wobble as we walked down the lane at the side of the field to the building the Montessori is in. “This isn’t school!” said Hugh.
“Yes it is,” we replied. “This is the way to school.”
“No it isn’t!” he responded, in tones of exaggerated scorn. But when we got there he rushed in, hardly pausing to let me take his coat off, and started rushing around with some other children (the floor was cleared for PE, which they have on Mondays).

This evening when I came home I asked Hugh what he had done at school. After a little consideration, he said he had done running. And he sat down. And he did numbers. “Sixteen, seventeen!” he exclaimed with great pride. Thirteen, fourteen and fifteen all seem to be off the agenda for the present, but it’s already an improvement. I think this was a good idea.


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