Things I neglected to mention

Dot writes: it’s odd the way that, in these days of blogging dearth (and may I note that I am writing even now with Hugh climbing around behind me on the chair and alarmingly wielding a vast wooden paddle Ken uses for his brewing), the things that make it through to this website are not always the most obviously important things that have been happening. For example:

Last week Ken’s dad and his wife came to visit, all the way from New Zealand. They have been spending this week in Paris before going on to Israel: Ken’s dad’s wife belongs to the Baha’i faith and is visiting the Holy Land on pilgrimage. It was the first time we had met Ken’s new stepmother.

We are partway through applying for a mortgage. We have told each other that we are under no obligation to buy if we can’t find what we want, but by having approval in principle we will be in a good position to make an offer. It would be nice to be about €100,000 richer, just in case anybody unexpectedly finds some cash under the sofa and can’t think what to do with it.

College cancelled all teaching in the Arts Building on Wednesday to make way for the Open Day, then cancelled the Open Day to make way for the snow, then cancelled teaching again on Thursday and Friday. I was in college on Thursday, waiting for an external examiner to arrive, but was told to vacate my office and go home. The unfortunate external examiner sat in Cardiff Airport for four hours before her plane was finally cancelled as well.

Our elder son may in fact be a superhero. Possibly this explains his mood-swings. The evidence: we were going for a snowy walk on Wednesday, and Hugh and I had fallen behind rather while Hugh experimented with footprints. “Look, Daddy’s getting away,” said I. “Don’t worry,” said he, “I’ll use my powers!” Then he took my hand and ran as fast as he could go wearing welly-boots until we caught up. Since then he has realised we like the line and has been repeating it rather a lot.


2 thoughts on “Things I neglected to mention

  1. Katimum

    What talented grandsons! First, disco dancing and then Superpowers! All they have to master now is continence, obedience and nice table manners (especially for Granddad’s benefit) . Talking of continence, I am still reeling from copying the line in a carol ‘An host incontinent
    Of heavenly bright soldiers’. Scarey thought.

    1. Dot

      In a couple of years we should have mostly mastered continence; give us a little longer and we may deliver table manners; but I think it’s going to be a long wait for obedience. Meanwhile, I’ll definitely be covering my head for fear of the angels:-)

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