All I want for Christmas is…

Better stats. But for that I’m going to have to write something, aren’t I? However, this post must be brief because I should really be:
putting Hugh’s trousers back on
and preventing him from drawing in crayon on the walls of my parents’ staircase
and checking that Frank isn’t investigating the scraps bucket again
and wrapping the little shopping trolley we have bought him (shhh) in an extremely large amount of wrapping paper. Any tips on how to cover wheels?
and finishing my work email, which has piled up while we travelled over to England
and buying some stamps and sending my Christmas cards at last – though at this stage I might do better to save them for next year
and blowing my nose, because I have a cold
and blowing Hugh and Frank’s noses, because so do they
and having a mince pie. Because I owe it to my mum to show proper appreciation of her cooking, don’t I?

But we are having a happy time. Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. mairij

    Glad you made it to Norfolk. Long may Frank be interested in scraps! Long may Hugh devote himself to creative expression (although it would be nice if he could find more socially convenient outlets). Long may your life be so rich and full.

    Happy, Happy Christmas

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Wheels: decorate with ribbon woven through spokes.
    Hi there boys! Out of the scrap bucket, away from the walls: draw for Santa and the holy angels (how he really gets around everywhere – one night a year the ‘only stand and wait’ ones are seconded to the blessed bishop) a really nice picture of you with Mama and daddy all being really, really good.
    We have snow, lots and lots of snow. I walked through a blizzard yesterday – felt forty years younger. Hopefully will make it down for Leslie’s birthday.
    Now must get dressed and take Bambi out of the freezer.
    Take a look at the OddSock

  3. kenanddot

    @Mairij and Helen: happy Christmas to you both! Helen, Hugh isn’t actually deliberately drawing on the walls, but the crayons are a sort of traffic cone shape and he is pretending they are claws. I hope you had a good time at Leslie’s birthday party. Mairi, NZ Christmas must be pretty much over now – hope you had a lovely time!

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