Francis of Ireland

Ken writes:

Both Fianna Fáil and Sinn Fein style themselves as the republican party. According to the Wikipedia page, the 1937 constitution of Ireland included provision for a President, but the Irish Free State didn’t become a republic until the Republic of Ireland act in 1949.

If we judge a political system by its advocates, then it may seem that Ireland missed a trick back in 1937, when it missed a chance to right a historic wrong and restore the House of Stuart to the throne. The current Jacobite claimant is, again according to Wikipedia, Franz Duke of Bavaria, or as he perhaps should be, King Francis of Ireland.


5 thoughts on “Francis of Ireland

    1. Murray

      I was of course thinking of Canada whose constitution was based on the British North America Act 1867, an act of the UK Parliament. It appears that this was superseded in 1982 by the simultaneous passage of the Canada Act [Westminster] and the Constitution Act [Ottawa].

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