The Hedge

Ken writes:

Our neighbour over the back fence has a rather large Leylandi hedge that blocks out light both because it is tall and because it hangs over our side of the hedge, making it cast the shadow of an even higher purely vertical hedge. It completely overhung our shed, as the following two pictures show.

hedge shading shed
Tips of the hedge over hanging front of shed.
The front of the shed is about two meters from the back fence.
branches over hanging the shed

Last year, our neighbour offered to come over and trim it, but we were entertaining so we passed up the opportunity. A couple of weeks ago I went over to invite him to have a crack at it again. I’ve been like a tiger pacing his cage waiting to just rip into ever since, and this happy morning we went at it together with a handsaw and hedge trimmer. It was very therapeutic.

We chopped lots off

And lots more

And more

and more and more

The shed will now have to cope with the rigours of sun, wind and rain.

The shed is now open to the elements

Now I just have to get the garden tidy!


6 thoughts on “The Hedge

  1. Katimum

    Now our big cypresses have (mostly) come down, we have a similar problem. The trunks are waiting to be sawn into woodburner sized pieces, but there is a mass of branch rather too small for use as logs. If I strip the twigs and leaves off and leave it long enough it would do as kindling or intermediate burning wood, but it is such a labour to process! The twigs and leaves would make useful mulch but my shredder died some years ago and I am resisting the temptation to buy another as I get very bored shredding and so probably would not use it much.
    We still have two ‘Nelson’s columns’ – trunks with no branches – which the pigeons use to practice for their next visit to Trafalgar Square, but now I have just bought a petrol chain saw (works horizontally as well as vertically unlike the electric one) so their days are numbered…….Aha! Here comes the mad chainsawer! He, he…….

    1. kenanddot

      You were going to come over after Easter, but I think I’ve just remembered we all urgently need to wash our hair that week…so sorry, maybe another time [runs away and hides] 🙂

    1. kenanddot

      I’ll let you know when it’s all chopped up and processed. It takes a good while because young frank won’t tolerate the sound of the mulcher.

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