Dot writes: this post is to say that I wrote another post, with the pronunciation meme in it, and I made a video using Photobooth, and now I can’t work out how to get the video into the post in a usable form. First I tried and the message came back that the file format wasn’t allowed for security reasons. Then I tried a different way and the video only changes picture every half second or so, always lingering on the moments when I had my mouth in a silly pursed position. Which reminds me that I skyped Ken over a slightly bad connection the other day and witnessed the illusion of Frank walking towards the kitchen and then simply dematerializing about a metre from the door. Anyway, I guess it will be third time lucky: but they say you have to make your luck, and I’m going to make mine by waiting until someone else can do it for me. Pathetic but effective.

You may have to wait a little to find out how I pronounce ‘roof’ and ‘alumin(i)um’ as I am going to spend tomorrow in a locked dining hall, with food but without mobile phones or other electronic devices, voting for the next provost of my illustrious College. I have dithered wildly over my choice of candidate but I think I now know, after careful thought and lots of gossip, who is getting my vote. It’s whoever can upload that video. I’ll corner them before the first count and give them each a chance. Alternatively, they can have a go at walking towards the door and dematerializing (only to reappear inside the Minister for Finance’s office sporting an enigmatic, slightly threatening smile).

Good night.


One thought on “Note

  1. You have to upload it to an outside service, like vimeo or youtube (unless you pay for WordPress video) and then link it in by going or

    Took me a while to figure that out.

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