The early bird

Dot writes: some background: one of Hugh’s recurrent games is a little let’s-pretend ritual that he likes to play with me. He says: “Mummy x?” (“mummy tiger?”/”mummy crocodile?”/”mummy dinosaur?” etc) and I have to reply “yes, boy x?” (boy tiger/crocodile/dinosaur…) and then we have a short conversation in character. Some other background: I was looking after the boys yesterday, and when we went to the shop some jelly sweets in the shape of little snakes mysteriously found their way into the shopping basket. I let Hugh have a handful and then put the rest of the packet in the cupboard.

Hugh, earlier this morning: Can I have worm sweets?
Dot: no, we don’t have sweeties for breakfast.
Hugh: But I want worm sweets.
Dot: we still don’t have them for breakfast. They won’t fill up your tummy properly.
Hugh: But I want worm sweets.
Dot: No. Let’s read your book, shall we?

[Interval of other activities]

Hugh: Mummy bird?
Dot: Yes, boy bird?
Hugh: If we’re birds we can have worm sweets for breakfast. Birds eat worms.
Dot: You’re very ingenious.
Hugh: Yes, I am a genius!
Dot: But you still can’t have sweeties for breakfast.


2 thoughts on “The early bird

  1. laura

    I love it! Add this to Hugh’s story about a great lion using his bow and arrows to kill a spider and you’ve got the makings of an audition tape. The kid needs his own TV show. Maybe you can start him on a video blog.

  2. mairij

    I’m sure Hugh will be a politician one day. He’s canny enough. Actually, I think it was so skillful that he deserved the worm sweeties.

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