Frank’s words

Dot writes: this is a post for us, for the memories. I wrote similar posts for Hugh but when we started to write down all the words Frank already knows we were amazed by how many of them there are; this is probably the last time we’ll be able to be fairly confident about listing his entire vocabulary (and we started this morning and have been remembering or hearing further items all day). Some of these words sound odder than others, but I’ve only used non-standard spellings where Frank’s pronunciation is very idiosyncratic.

yeah, no, don’t, Mum, Daddy, bubba (=brother/baby), milk, more, again, book, door, out, big, duck, gog/goggie (=dog), cow, shish (=fish), bird, cat, orsh (=horse), miaow, moo, Hugh, boat, ark (=shark), [Ken] [i.e. he says Ken’s name and we’re pretending it’s Ken as part of the social fiction that this is an anonymous blog], shoes, ock (=sock), pasta, badda (=toothbrush), apple, yoghurt, cheese, butter (=peanut butter), gock (=truck), car, plane, bike, chair, own (=phone), burp, poo, pee, please, thanks, buggy, ball, cuddle, tickle, cracker, adder (=water), doot (=you do it), bap (=I want to get on your lap), hi, bye-bye, why, pan, spoon, uck (=stuck), bobboy (=good boy), choo-choo, up, egg, tea, beer, hat, kiss, bath, gone

He also lies down and says “I dead”, he combines “big” with other words (“big ball”), and he even occasionally says something that sounds like “I need” (“I need milk”). Not bad for nineteen months.


3 thoughts on “Frank’s words

  1. Delighted to see that ‘beer’ is in there. But struggling to see how ‘badda’ can be a way of saying ‘toothbrush’, there being no phonemes in common there at all.

    1. kenanddot

      Well, it’s what he says when he wants a toothbrush. But perhaps it isn’t actually the word toothbrush. It’s not very different from how he pronounces “pasta”.

  2. kenanddot

    We remembered two more we had missed off the list: ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. Also, just now in the garden he gave Ken a ball and said (more-or-less) ‘There you go.’ And I was noticing this morning that he recognisably pronounces ‘baby’ as ‘baby’, so it can be counted separately from ‘bubba’.

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