Dot writes: showing that there is some point to chatty opinion columns in Saturday newspapers, today we went to Farmleigh, which is in the Phoenix Park but was completely unknown to us until Roisin Ingle happened to take her twins there and tell the readers of the Irish Times about it. My mum has come over to visit for the week, so this is what we did to help her relax after getting off the boat at 5.55am and spending most of an hour being confounded by lanes and signage in North Dublin. (She managed to drive from Dublin Port to Dalkey via the Port Tunnel; poor Mum.)

A spot of red-eye in this picture:

Family pose, with house. Frank is a little off-message:

But he was definitely impressed by a “big, big, big ball”:

And he thought the Blanchardstown Brass Band was quite interesting too:

Meanwhile Hugh inhabited a microclimate apparently 7 degrees or so hotter than the one everyone else was experiencing:

Hugh and I were the only ones who got to go round the house. Normally there are guided tours, which is not a very practical option for people trailing tiny children, but I went up the house to investigate so I would know how it all worked for next time and Hugh insisted on coming too. It turned out that only the ground floor was open but that you could simply walk through. So we did. Hugh liked the tapestries and the chandelier and was briefly charmed by the couples dancing to a string quartet in the ballroom, but the thing that impressed him most was an absolutely enormous mirror.

Thanks to Mum for taking all but one of these pictures.


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