Man and Boys (and the Queen’s Pint)

Ken writes: I splashed out on a father’s day present for myself in the form of a dad and sprog twin set from Twisted Twee.

(I got two ‘sprog’ shirts of course.)

Have you ever wondered what the numbers on a pint glass mean? The man size t-shirt comes with 562 on it, which is close to 568 the volume of a pint in millilitres. However, it’s not close enough and anyway a pint is a pint. To give its volume in millilitres is to treat it as derivative and secondary. In any case, the half pint shirts have 402 on them which is not half of 562 even if they were in millilitres.

It turns out that the numbers denote the UK weights and measures office that tested the volume of the glass. This document lists the various UK authorities and their numbers. 562 is the number associated with Bury. And 402 is associated with Leistershire.


12 thoughts on “Man and Boys (and the Queen’s Pint)

    1. kenanddot

      OK. I got there eventually by clicking through several times. So, imperial units are given metric definitions in UK law.

      I blame the frogs.

  1. kenanddot

    Incidentally, a ‘568’ pint would have been tested in the Highlands (somewhere–no specific place given), and a ‘284’ half pint would have been tested in Caerphilly.

  2. Sadly there seem to be error here I have a stella Artois glass that has the Crown and the number 562 but it is a half pint glass. It is my under standing that that 562 refers either the area of the Uk in which the glass
    was fromed or the refrence number to the weight and mesure act

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