Dot writes: I was tidying up my office today – well, I was starting to tidy up my office – actually I was moving some furniture so I could use the previously obstructed cupboard in the corner to start a new filing system, so that I could begin reorganising in a way that would let me tidy my office – let’s start again. In a long-ignored cupboard in my office, I found some old CDs. And on those CDs were some pictures from the first time I went to New Zealand with Ken, in March to April 2004. And looking at those pictures made me think fondly of that happy time and those far off days.

So what am I going to post to illustrate that wistful feeling? A photo of Ken pre-beard? A photo of Tongariro, all steamy and crusted? Mud at Rotorua? Gannets at Cape Kidnappers? No, none of those. Here’s a picture of me back when I was thinner:

Because I am vain and shallow and I miss having a waist. But the other things are worth remembering too.


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