Anti-Moustache Prejudice

Ken writes: Now it comes out. My chin had no sooner made its reappearance than an ugly anti-moustache prejudice revealed itself chez nous. One would think that in these enlightened times there would be space for a man to express his masculinity with the lip-insulating snugness of a moustache. But nooooooooooooooooo. Fortunately, Dot is off to a conference in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday so I will be free of her oppressive disapproval for a week before commencing the return to full barbigerousness.

p.s. Does anyone know a proper synonym for ‘moustache’? Google revealed only frivolous descriptive phrases, such as ‘mouth brow’ and ‘lip rug’, to me.


11 thoughts on “Anti-Moustache Prejudice

    1. kenanddot

      I wonder if there was an older word in English before ‘moustache’ was borrowed in from French. The German is ‘der Schnurrbart’. Did English once have a word like snoorbeard?

      1. kenanddot

        Actually, there’s definitely something nose related about sn-‘ in English, for we have a whole family of words like snort, snore, sneer, snork, snorkle, snuffle that all touch upon nose breathing in various ways. It’s also interesting that German ‘Schnur’ is cord or string, not far removed from ‘snare’. So perhaps ‘snorebeard’ is not an absurd speculation

  1. ken

    On the subject of Old English words for moustache, I’ve been able to track down two possibilities. I’ll have to hope Dot can verify them later.
    One possible, according to this source is cenep
    Another, according to this source is granu.

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  3. kenanddot

    I’ve done a search for words for moustache in Middle English. It returned ‘hērliste’ (source here), which seems to be a combination of ‘hēr’ meaning hair, and līste meaning border or strip or edge, or hem. (source here).

    I couldn’t find a trace of the Old English words in the Middle English dictionary, which I think is interesting.

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