Belatedly Madison

Dot writes: it was a great conference. Friendly people, excellent papers, loads of ideas, and I managed to bag an $85 book for free. I didn’t even lose my luggage or have my flights delayed, unlike the other (much more senior) person flying from Dublin, who was delayed by 12 hours on the way out and 3 hours on the way back. And we didn’t crash and die in a remote Canadian wilderness. But, as the sole downside to the conference (apart from being away from the boys for eight nights, which was actually quite hard), I find that the photos were not especially great. I should maybe have taken some snaps of the refreshments: they fed us cake and donuts at all the tea-breaks, which was all too tempting to a sweet-toothed person like me. British and Irish conferences only have biscuits. I always eat those too, of course.

So here are some photos that don’t really do it justice.
My hotel room on the first night:

And the dorm room I occupied the rest of the time (the second bed was empty, thank goodness. Note the ethernet socket bizarrely positioned in the ceiling):

Views around Madison:

On the Wednesday we had a break from papers and a choice of trips out of town. I went on the tour to Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s house. Mostly my pictures of this trip turned out to be of Anglo-Saxonists walking away, but here are a couple of the house – enough to show, I hope, that it’s delightful.(Sorry about the random scholarly elbow here. That elbow probably has more publications than I’ve had hot dinners, though I can’t remember whose it is.)After the educational bit they let us go and loll around by the Wisconsin River. It’s very wide, very shallow and has a quite strong current. I swam in it, amid a gaggle of extremely distinguished (female) professors bonding over how much they like Johnny Depp. This picture shows the river but not the professors.


4 thoughts on “Belatedly Madison

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Looking at these pictures I still find myself having my deep mid-western revulsion. Thank God for the mid-Atlantic ridge.

  2. laura

    *Dot*-is- on Madison…
    Somehow, I have an Elvis Costello song going through my head. In this version, he replaces a girl’s name with “Madison”, which has become an almost standard name for girls. But I should be thinking about the fourth US president. Sorry to have missed you while we were in the same time zone.

    1. kenanddot

      IN an earlier version of planning for this trip we were all going to come so that Ken and the boys could visit you in Minneapolis while I went to the conference, but I’m afraid we just couldn’t afford it. Next time, we hope…

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