Dot writes: we will not, after all, be the cause of an international swearword shortage for, as our solicitor informed me this morning, the council’s consent has been issued and we should be getting the keys to our new house next week! When things move they move quickly, it seems. The cheque has already been requested from the mortgage lender, to arrive on Monday, and then just a couple more days to wrap things up.

So! I’m suddenly all of a flutter. We have umpteen things to organise and a lot of packing to do. Good thing I’ve got the MPhil handbook and a book review to finish, a conference to attend, a week of tutor-training, then freshers’ week and then the start of term to keep me grounded…

4 thoughts on “Hooray!

  1. mairij

    I had been worrying that you would never be able to move before the semester starts. Thank goodness things have come through before then, although as you point out, there are a few little details that need attention beforehand.

    1. kenanddot

      We’re giving notice in our current house for 1st October, so we won’t move out completely until a week after the start of the semester, but we think it’s worth it to have a bit more time to try to get at least some things sorted out. It’s a pity I’m so horrendously busy as it’s going to be a big strain for Ken. My parents may come over and help with some of it, bless them.

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