Ken and Dot, homeowners

Dot writes: we have the keys. We nearly didn’t – first the vendors’ solicitor, in a final paroxysm of rubbishness, didn’t complete all the documentation properly and our solicitor had to send it back to them by courier first thing this morning to be redone; then it took all day to sort out so that I only got the call to go out to pick the keys up at 4.15, with Ken needing me at home by 6.30 so he could go out in the evening; then I managed a little rubbishness of my own and had problems finding the office to get the keys from. But I got them. One set, anyway: the estate agent still has the others. And our solicitor issued a sage warning to get any building works done and then change all the locks, because you never quite know who else might have a set of keys somewhere.

My goodness this has taken a long time. First I blamed the banks (the two months it took to sort out our mortgage, despite going through a broker and having four different offers in the first place); then I blamed the vendors’ solicitor (where were their answers to all the queries?); then I blamed the council (what about that consent letter?); then I blamed the vendors themselves (how come they didn’t sign the contract until the 4th of August when we signed in June?); and finally I blamed the vendors’ solicitor again (and when I picked the keys up from said solicitor my preconceptions were somewhat borne out: piles of paper everywhere and a makeshift air). But we have our keys; and now we can get cross waiting for builders instead.

Actually I don’t feel as happy as I maybe ought to feel. I feel matter-of-fact about it. The house isn’t very exciting yet: it is drab and unlived in and there is a lot of work to be done. But I think gradually it, and I, will get happier and happier, as we fill up the place with our ideas and our stuff and our memories, and as we make new friends in the new place we are moving to. We’ve given notice here for the end of the month. Wish us luck.


8 thoughts on “Ken and Dot, homeowners

  1. Katimum

    Luck duly wished – and blessings on your new home, which is probably better! I remember feeling rather scared when we were first home owners – that from now on we were actually responsible for the place. I’m not sure that we have got the hang of it yet, though. There’s lots of maintenance which we ought to have done and haven’t. Hey Ho! Off to finish refurbishing the Bike Shed.

    1. kenanddot

      Yes. It’s the other side of Dublin, so we are wrenching ourselves away from an area we are very fond of (and neighbours we love, too); but it’s a respectable area with good amenities and will shorten my commute. From the little we’ve seen of our new neighbours so far they seem friendly.

  2. Murray

    Thinking of you all throughout this momentous time in your lives. I hope all the stress just adds colour to the events as you look back on them from the future.

  3. SarahFranklin

    ooh, good luck! For what it’s worth, I felt exactly like that a year ago and spent a decent amount of time last winter trying to convince Dave (and myself) that we should sell up and find a Barratt home somewhere instead. But a year on, we have a shiny new kitchen extension and an empty room waiting to be lined with bookshelves and turned into a library, we’ve had the street in for drinks (and been back in return!) and this mad old house is starting to feel like ours. You’ll get there, I promise xxx

    1. kenanddot

      I’ m still feeling daunted, but now we’ve got started the excitement is coming through as well. Thanks for your good wishes. And exciting to hear about your kitchen extension and future library! I don’t think we’ll be over at Christmas but if we are we’ll detour by you and admire (oh, and say hi and give presents and stuff too).

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