Things achieved

1. Front lawn of new house mown (by Ken)
2. Top part of back lawn strimmed and mown (Ken again)
3. Horrible carpets ripped up in living room and dining room (our friend Niall, with minimal assistance from pathetic girly strugglings by Dot)
4. Water turned back on (Ken found the stop-cock – hooray for Ken!)
5. Playschool down the road contacted and visited (Dot contacted them; we all visited)
6. Both boys signed up for mornings at the playschool (Ken and Dot)
7. Contractor contacted for quotes on umpteen miscellaneous works (Dot)
8. Two heating/boiler specialists contacted for quotes specifically on those (Dot)
9. One of said heating specialists shown what needs to be done (Ken)
10. Several boxes moved in to clear space for more packing at old house (Dot and Ken)
11. TV and DVD player and box of toys moved in to occupy small horrors while Ken works on the house this week (Ken and Dot)
12. Bird poo cleaned off front window (Dot)

Hoorah! And we’ve introduced ourselves to some of the neighbours, too. I’m no longer feeling tired and bit flat, as I did on Friday, but definitely happy and excited.



5 thoughts on “Things achieved

  1. kenanddot

    And I can even add:
    13. contractor shown house (Ken)
    14. two more contractors contacted (Dot).

    I think we have enough quotes lined up now. Let’s hope at least one of them isn’t too astronomically high.

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