Dot writes: I used to use Facebook for moaning, but I’ve become ‘friends’ with so many people I know professionally that these days I feel I have to at least average on the positive side. So I’ll alienate and depress our blog readership instead.

Moving is rubbish. Much of what we are moving is rubbish. But we don’t have enough time to sort through our stuff properly and recycle/freecycle/throw out the rubbish, so we pack it and pile it in big horrible piles all around the new house. The old house needs to be extensively cleaned (it’s astonishing what you find behind bookcases when you move them) but Ken is finding the task impossible with the children to manage, especially as they reseed the floor with toast-crumbs and bits of half-eaten plum as fast as he can work. The new house is full of men doing things to the radiators, has not been painted, and has unsanded bare wooden floors downstairs. Meanwhile it’s the first teaching week of term at work for me, and I have an MPhil student and a PhD student both about to submit and needing me to read about 90,000 words of their work over the next few days. The Senior Tutor’s office or possibly just the computer system made a complete mess of assigning me my new tutees, so that needs to get sorted out; someone who teaches on the MPhil I co-ordinate didn’t put in a pay claim when s/he did his teaching and is now sending me emails marked urgent wanting me to sort out his/her pay;* various people who should know better are doing territorial manoeuvrings against each other in the general region of the MPhil; I have pressing tasks for a conference, a workshop and a special lecture, all of which I am involved in organising; and I’m getting a cold. And Frank wouldn’t go to sleep until 9.25pm this evening but kept on getting up and running about. I feel a bit grumpy.

Off to bed now.

*I feel I should do my best not to give any clue who this is. To anybody reading who thinks they may know, it’s not who you might expect.


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