Getting there

Dot writes: so, last night for the first time we slept in the new house. Not before Hugh and (especially) Frank had driven Ken half-demented by trying to climb on their beds as he was screwing them together; and not before we realised that we’d brought the dismembered parts of our desk but left our toothbrushes in Dalkey. (I undertook a late-night drive to the vast scary Tescos on the Malahide Road to buy more.) Bizarrely, the main barrier to sleep in the end was heat; I’d draped blankets over the windows as makeshift curtains, and we all had our own beds, but the weather is strangely warm this week and the plumbers had been testing our new radiators during the day.

The house is absolute chaos. Boxes everywhere, careful labels effectively useless as they are hidden under more boxes. We can’t find the toaster. But even in chaos it’s noticeable that the house is bigger than the one we’re leaving; and I’m excited by the prospect of altering and decorating and furnishing and gradually turning it into the comfortable home it will become. We now plan to get the kitchen and dining-room remodelled over the next month or so and leave the bathroom and dry-lining for later, though having this morning bathed in the bathroom I’m not sure we will be able to resist doing something to it sooner. Still, it gets us washed, just about.

This afternoon: final clean of the Dalkey house. Tomorrow: tearful farewell to beloved Dalkey neighbours and return of keys. And then off to B & Q.


5 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. Katimum

    Best Wishes on your new home, and to the boys starting ‘school’ on Monday. I believe that you will find things much easier now you don’t have to travel between the two houses and that Ken has a wee bit of peace in the mornings! Love to all,

    1. kenanddot

      Lots of tea, not much cake but plenty of chocolate. Actually the chaos of the new house is really getting me down, especially the way the children seem to be constantly able to access drills and hammers. But Ken has started to paint our bedroom so that’s one room that should soon be an oasis of comparative normality, and we’re not bothering with redecorating the boys’ room so that is fairly comfortable already.

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