remodelling a house

Ken writes:

Here are some pictures of (evidence of) the goings on at number 57…


7 thoughts on “remodelling a house

  1. Katimum

    That’s an impressive bit of demolition! I can see how the diagonal door will work now. And what of the heating? Are you still sub-arctic? (which would probably suit Hugh but NOT Frank.)

  2. ken

    The problem with the heat was a loose connection in the back of the control panel which is hanging free of the wall at the moment to leave space for drylining. When it’s firmly fixed it shouldn’t happen. The plumber was very prompt coming round to rescue us this morning.

  3. ken

    Frank actually has a fever at the moment, poor thing. I don’t think the cold night last night could have contributed as much as the mornings spent in kindergarten. He’s really cute and vulnerable. Unfortunately, Dot wasn’t around today to comfort him because she had a big do at the university. He was calling out for his mummy but had to fall back on his old dad instead.

  4. kenanddot

    The house looks much better than this now – the iron support posts are out and the patio doors are in. I’ll try to get some more up-to-date pictures up tomorrow.

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