Ken writes:

This year I’ve signed up for Movember. The idea of is that you start the November clean shaven and then grow a moustache. And this is so mortifyingly embarrassing that people will sponsor you to do it. The money raised goes towards men’s health charities. I think it’s a good cause and worth doing.

I wore a moustache earlier this year until Dot finally put her foot down. Some good came of it though in that I learned that in Old English a moustache was known as a ‘granu’ or a ‘cenep’. It does seem odd that both these words have dropped by the way side and that we should use a French word as the only lexeme for what used to be a very stereotypical Anglophone characteristic. (I said ‘lexeme’ because if you count attempts at humour like ‘soup strainer’ ‘lip rug’ etc, then it’s not true that ‘moustache’ is the only expression in English for a moustache. We do need to bring back ‘cenep’ though).

p.s. The above link to the Movember site contains my real name. But that’s alright. The point of using our middle names was only to avoid Dot’s students finding this blog when the googled her and I think that’s still unlikely.


3 thoughts on “Movember

  1. mairij

    It’s nice to be reminded of your beardless and moustacheless face, but actually, I think I do prefer you with a beard and mustache (although not so sure about the moustache on its own. I agree, btw, that its a shame we use a French word for the upper lip decoration, but I’m not converted to granu or cenep.

  2. laura

    If you had flown in to my town, taxied over to my house, and rung the doorbell, I wouldn’t have known you to open the door! Maybe that’s just because you aren’t pictured with your usual smile.

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