Dot writes: it’s in one of the Swallows and Amazons books – Picts and Martyrs, I think – that Nancy gets mumps and the illustration tactfully shows a sort of big round blob instead of her unfortunate face. Poor Hugh requires that treatment right now, although he’s been vaccinated against mumps. The route to extreme puffiness:
– he had a horrible cold
– and then he got cold-sores
– and he picked the cold-sores, despite frequent admonition to the contrary (he is not quite four, after all)
– and the house is a building site and consequently dirty
– and the cold-sores became infected
– and on Sunday of the bank holiday weekend he appeared with a face like a lumpy pumpkin and we went “eek!” and made an appointment with the out-of-hours doctor
– who diagnosed impetigo and prescribed two different kinds of antibiotics, including a very unpopular one that has to be stuck up his nose
– and by the way Frank has the impetigo and the antibiotics as well, though not the pumpkin-head.

So, a jolly Halloween weekend was had by all. We decided against trick-or-treating, though Hugh would hardly have needed a costume. The antibiotics have begun to do their work on the impetigo so he does now look rather less like a leprous extra from The Name of the Rose, but the huge glands are still huge. I’m not sure at what point we should worry if the swelling doesn’t go down.

Poor little Hugh. He was a very limp miserable boy on Sunday. On Monday (a bank holiday) we went to the Botanic Gardens and he behaved like an awkward little sh*t, so we knew he was feeling a bit better. Meanwhile Frank took advantage of our distraction to explore some creative new forms of mischief, such as trying to make up his own bottle and pouring water and sticky milk powder all over the living room floor, and mutilating a block of cheese with some scissors. (Yes, he can get at the cheese, the milk powder, and the scissors. He is clever. Sometimes I wish he were less clever.) (Oh, but I am very proud of him: for example, this evening he was looking at the computer keyboard, pointed to m and said “double-u!” Which it is, of course, only upside-down.)

We’re going to do NaBloPoMo this November: posting every day for a month, though we haven’t officially signed up for it as you have to join BlogHer and it’s all a bit of a faff. This blog could do with an injection of energy, as could we after the impetigo, the Botanic Gardens, the milk powder and the cheese. Stand by for the random thoughts of Ken and Dot on whatever we can think of for the next 30 days.


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