Musical choices

Ken writes:

I listen to the radio much more than I used to; probably more than at any time since I was a teenager. Minding the children most of the day means I can’t do anything that requires concentration and that means listening to the radio won’t break that concentration. It’s a source of adult company too. I get to participate passively in whatever discussion is taking place on the radio. I used to listen to the Ray D’Arcy show on Today FM in the Mornings and then Matt Cooper‘s show in the afternoons. The Ray D’Arcy show is a sort of magazine programme with a lot of talk and features. Matt Cooper’s show is a news and current events one. Lately, I’ve been listening to Radio Nova, which is sort of ‘Dad Rock’ with lashings of guitar music. One upshot of listening to so much radio is that I’ve been introduced a number of bands and musicians that I otherwise would have missed (Arcade Fire, Bell X1, Declan O’Rourke). I’m quite pleased about that.


One thought on “Musical choices

  1. Katimum

    Radio Three was my companion while driving round on my visits – the engine noise tends to drown speech but oddly I can usually hear music. I have heard that classical music is supposed to make you a better driver. I rather miss it now – even going to and from work it is usually off because Nicholas is a very good switcher off! However, I had it on for this morning’s commute and they played ‘Let thy hand be strengthened’ from Handel’s Coronation Anthems and it sent shivers down my spine – sheer terror, as we are singing it at a concert a week on Saturday and I still don’t know all the music adequately!

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