Only posting to keep up with NaBloPoMo? Of course not…

Dot writes: they’re “upgrading the concourse” on Pearse Station, which means (a) lots of billboards showing digital pictures of a new, shiny station that looks strangely like the old station only with smaller people; (b) scaffolding. The scaffolding has a sign on it which says: “BLACKHORSE SCAFFOLD / SUPPLY AND ERECTED.”

I love this sign. It’s a little snapshot of a ponderous thought-process. “Hmm…we can’t have a big sign on the station that says (cough cough) ERECTION. Better put ‘erected’ instead.” This thought-process did not go as far as “If we’re going to have ‘erected’ we should have ‘supplied and erected’. This would be more grammatical and would also cover our tracks.” But mine does, every time I see it, because I’m like that.

By the way, is it just me, or does just “scaffold” as opposed to “scaffolding” suggest a place of execution? It also suggests that the scaffold on the station is the only one they have. Scaffolding is the materials – bars, planks, joints etc – whereas a scaffold is a particular, local structure. Or a place for beheading people. Maybe that’s how all the commuters are going to get so much shorter in the new, improved Pearse Station.

Sorry this is such a silly post.


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