unsere Umgebung kennenlernen

Ken writes:

We’re slowly filling in our mental map of the land around our new house. This is mostly thanks to numerous little errands and annoying tasks that have necessitated driving in and about the area. But it’s all in a good cause.

It turns out there are two public swimming pools not so far from us. The horrible and dingy Northside Shopping Centre has a pool in its upper levels, which, quite frankly, I’m afraid to investigate. That’s not a problem, however, because there’s a very nice public pool at the Central Remedial Clinic in the salubrious suburb of Clontarf.

There are a few supermarkets close by. We’ve got a Tesco, an Aldi and a Lidl all within a 5 minute drive.

There’s a drapery that sells curtain rods and accessories.

There are numerous wall and floor tile dealerships (Allied Ceramic Tiles, House of Tiles, Right Price tiles).

There is a vet (not that we’ll be needing it) and an after-hours medical centre and also near by an after-hours chemist, which we certainly will need.

There’s a cinema. I’ve taken the evening off a couple of times already and left Dot to put the boys to bed while I saw The Ides of March (I didn’t see any caesar connection) and Contagion. They were both OK. I also took the boys to see Tintin, which we all really enjoyed (though Frank couldn’t sit still throughout and spent the last half of the screening whizzing round the aisles burning off his popcorn–fortunately he was comparatively quiet).

There are four playgrounds all within 5 minutes drive from us (alas the boys can’t be relied upon to walk that far yet). There’s an incomplete list here (only two of the ones I’m talking about appear).

Google Earth has proved to be a valuable resource. It lets me plan out jogs (it would be presumptious to call them runs). You can do this with a conventional map, of course, but Google Earth allows you to estimate the distance more accurately. Jogging is a good way to get to know the neighbourhood because, in my case anyway, you can take it in slowly and notice things you might miss in a car.


3 thoughts on “unsere Umgebung kennenlernen

  1. Katimum

    Glad you found a suitable pool – I noticed that one when doing my google search but assumed that you had to be in a remedial class to attend – so which one of you is it????

    1. kenanddot

      Of course. They cost far too much to leave them in the cupboard unused. I’m going to use them as often as I can and at least once a week on average for a year or else they’ll have been an expensive mistake.

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