Apples, Skryne and Fourknocks

Ken writes:

This afternoon I took the boys for a drive with two dear friends, Niall and Meredith in the countryside around Dublin.

After several false starts and missed turns, our first intended stop was an orchard Niall knew that sold large boxes of apples for a tenner. I got a mix of cookers and dessert apples because I knew the boys would expect lots of apple crumble in the future. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could find the place again by myself. It was somewhere in the townlands around Oldtown and Ballyboghil in north county Dublin.

Next we drove along back lanes to the Fourknocks megalithic site, here.

The information sign says that there’s a depiction of a face inside the tomb, possibly copied on the sign. I certainly didn’t see it inside, but it was very dark, which is also why I don’t have any photographs.

After this, we drove the back lanes and byways to
Skryne (or Skreen), which has a rather magnificent ruined church and a notable pub –two pubs, actually, which is a lot for a village of its size.

(Frank helpfully providing a sense of scale)


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