Dot writes: Ken had already turned off the computer for the night when we realised neither of us had done our NaBloPoMo post. So here, quickly, is some creativity and research from other people. First, have a look at this excellent website, which I’ve just added to the blogroll: Letters of Note. It’s updated every weekday and has a fascinating collection of letters written by everyone from Kurt Vonnegut (he comes up rather a lot, in fact) to Guy Fawkes. A facsimile is provided and then a transcription. Be sure to look at the archive and not just the ‘most read’ column at the side.

Second, if you are facing the Christmas shopping and stuck for ideas, try this. We particularly like the ninjabread cookie cutters, the jedi bathrobe, and the picture book that sensitively addresses the problem of breaking to a small child the fact his/her mother has turned into a zombie (That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore). Enjoy.


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